Silicone Sponge: Is It Really the Next Beauty Blender?

Hate those makeup sponges and beauty blenders that just soak up all your foundation? Recently, we discovered silicone sponges through beauty vloggers.

We also found that the Internet has gone crazy trying to figure out what it is.

Silicone Sponges

This unusual beauty, originally created by a Hong Kong-based Silicone Spongescosmetics brand, looks like a tiny breast implant. It’s designed to blend your makeup seamlessly without absorbing the product. It’s tra
nsparent, jelly-like, and palm-sized that’s flat on both sides.

The outer material is made of TPU or thermoplastic polyurethane. TPU is a flexible plastic that’s resistant to grease and oil. The inner material is made of silicone, making it bendable and easy to maneuver.

Zero Product Absorption + Easy Clean Up

At Filipina Must Haves, we’re die-hard fans of the original beauty blender, so when we first saw these silicone sponges getting popular, we were skeptics.

But other than zero product absorption, these squishy and tactile silicone sponges are easy to maintain: you just clean them with a regular soap and warm water, or wipe down with makeup remover wipes. Plus, you don’t have to throw them until the outer layer shows wear.

The silicone sponge also prevents breakouts because the blender dries easily. You can even wipe it with alcohol or boil it in water if you want it 100% clean. It doesn’t harbor bacteria.

If you’ve ever seen those horrible photos and videos of beauty blenders and sponges cut open, this squishy option that you can just wipe clean seems more sensible.Beauty Blender

The Next Beauty Blender?

The silicone sponge is gleefully heralded as “The Next Beauty Blender,” or even “The Beauty Blender Killer.” But is it really? We wouldn’t say so, but it’s definitely a great contender. And if you’re looking for a sponge that’s great for everyday use, perhaps the silicone sponge is perfect for you.