Sea Salt: The Wonders it Does to Your Skin

glowing skinCleopatra, perhaps the most famous Queen and political figure in Egypt, is not only known for her brains but more so for her beauty. She was described as a beautiful woman who knew how to take care of herself with the use of natural ingredients. She might not have bottled toners, creams, and handy makeup kits, but she has an extensive skin care line that has survived the test of time.

One of Cleopatra’s most famous beauty secret is the use of sea salts. Salt from the Dead Sea is precious back then, and it still is in the present time. In fact, Kedma Skincare has a whole line of Dead Sea products to pamper your skin like how Cleopatra would in the old times. The use of sea salt in the body is becoming famous once again as people learn to look back and appreciate the importance of natural ingredients.

Below are some of the most enjoyable benefits of regularly using sea salt — be it for your at-home care or through a professional spa service.


Even in the old times, Cleopatra knows the importance of exfoliating and uses sea salt to do so. The coarse physical properties of sea salt make it the ideal choice for the job. Regular exfoliation can help your skin get rid of dead skin exposing a healthier and better glow.


woman having her skin cleansedAs sea salt is scrubbed in the skin, not only are dead skin cells replaced, but it can also unclog pores and help remove bacteria in your skin. Salt is known for its natural antiseptic properties and it can help manage bacteria-related conditions in your skin. It is also a good anti-inflammatory agent, so the bumps and mumps in your skin caused by dirt or bacteria can immediately be reduced and managed.


Once the dead skin cells are removed, the skin has room to grow newer and healthier skin cells. Regeneration is made easier with the help of sea salt. As it is growing in a relatively cleaner and healthier environment, the appearance of the new skin is more vibrant.


While sea salt is known to remove unwanted impurities in the skin, it also helps nourish the skin’s surface through its natural minerals. Dead Sea salt, in particular, is rich with bromine, sodium, magnesium, potassium, and calcium among others. Once the dead skin layer is removed, your skin can more effectively absorb such nutrients and benefit from it.


More often than not, sea salt is used with essential oils when scrubbing in the body for easier movements and lesser friction. The use of essential oils allows the body to relax and loosen up. Thus, the whole sea salt scrubbing process not only helps the quality of your skin, but also helps you relax.

You might not be Cleopatra, but with dead sea skin care products become more and more accessible to people, you can enjoy the same skin care routine and feel like royalty in your own home.