Beginner’s Guide to Makeup Brush Essentials

Makeup beginners are sometimes baffled with the number of brushes out there.  The problem normally starts with choosing which makes more sense to purchase – pretty-looking brushes or from those that are trending.  We’re here to show which you should have in your stash – pronto!


  1. Powder Brush – This brush is very soft, full and rounded – mainly used for both compact powder and bronzers. The shape and form of a powder brush allows the bristles to pick up the right amount of color and distribute evenly onto the skin. Be sure to load your brush with as little product first to have a look-see on how much of your cosmetic product sticks to the bristles.  If you do think that too much has stuck, you can shake away the excess before sweeping onto your skin. You can also apply it to your T-zone for retouch and under the eyes to set your concealer.
  2. Blusher Brush – A brush that’s usually made with fine, gentle fibers – a blusher brush has a rounded head which is perfect for delicately putting on the right amount of powder to the apple of the cheeks. You can definitely use one to sweep and blend along your cheekbones and to draw some color into your hairline.
  3. Eye Shadow Brush – Medium-sized but is usually flat with short and brimming with bristles for excellent blending coverage. Its beveled-edge bristles is for even and gentle application without ‘dragging’ the eyelid.
  4. Lip Brush – A lip brush’s sculpted tip is going to make it easy to achieve a flawless application to the lip line. For control freaks out there, the bristles are short and firm for controlled application.
  5. Angled Eye Brow Brush – It’s used to define and fill brows for a symmetrical appearance. The bristles are stiff, angled and short for precise control. Short, controlled strokes work best with powder, liquid or cream products to mimic the browhairs, fill in sparse areas, angle, elongate and define for a perfect brow.
  6. Sponge Tip Applicator BrushUse it to smudge and blend eyeliner and eyeshadow for an amazing custom look.
  7. Lash and Eyebrows CombLash combs separate and define lashes. Use the brush to groom and tame and to soften the eyebrow look.

Once you get a good feel of these, it should be easier to build your stash and go crazy from there. XD