Start Your Fitness Journey with these 5 Workout Apps

In a perfect world, I would be blessed with slender legs, toned arms, and to-die-for abs. Unfortunately, I am blessed with neither great genes nor a lot of time to go to the gym as much as I would have wanted. But thanks to our tech geeks who have made working out possible with all the mobile apps widely available. I have downloaded and tried quite a number of them, but only few remained favorites of mine over time. Here’s my personal list!

Nike+ Training Club

Image from Sidewalk Hustle

Image from Sidewalk Hustle

NTC has always been my go-to workout app because it allows me to exercise even during my most lethargic days. It has a wide variety of workout programs like Get Strong, Get Toned, and Get Lean, and under each is a gradation. When I was first using this app, I was always doing workouts for beginners, and now, I’m moving up to advanced. I also like that there is a photo and video demo that you can review before you get started to avoid interruptions and pauses. Another plus is that you can sync your workout playlist.


Nike+ Training Club app is available here for iOS and Android.


The Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout

Seriously, who else has time for a full hour of exercise daily? I know I don’t. During the busiest season at work when I barely have time to take proper meals, exercise isn’t really a top priority. But then, this app makes you realize that all you need is 7 minutes. I love doing the workouts in the morning before I take my breakfast. The best thing about this app, aside from the visually appealing interface, is that you don’t need anything else but a space and a chair.

J&J Official 7 Minute Workout app is available here for iOS and Android.

Instant Abs Trainer

Image from iTunes - Instant Abs Trainer

I can’t afford a personal trainer, but this app is the next best thing. You would also be glad to know that this is in fact Kendall Jenner’s favorite workout app. What I love most about this app is its simplicity, not at all gimmicky. It’s going back to basics with about a hundred available exercises that you can do anytime of the day.  This app, unfortunately, is currently only available in iOS.

Pocket Yoga

Image from

Pocket Yoga

I used to think yoga was only a fad until I started going to yoga classes. It only took a couple of classes to realize that I was hooked. When I don’t have the time to go to group classes or if my schedule doesn’t match my preferred yoga practice (gah, do I hate Ashtanga), I just open my Pocket Yoga app, bring out my mat, and get in the zone and in the zen.


Image from CNET

I need music to workout especially when running. But the thing is, I easily get bored with the workout playlists that I create, so I really appreciate music and playlist that I discover on Spotify. I can no longer imagine how life was before Spotify came about. It’s genius!

Spotify has a few available purchase options and for a SMART user like me, I have it as an add-on to my current postpaid plan.  Neat, huh?

I also had a few running apps, but not being a fan of running, I can’t really say how good (or bad) they are. So yeah, these days, your lame excuses for not being able to exercise don’t work anymore, because all you need is a smartphone (and who doesn’t own one?!) and 7 minutes, at the very least.