Origani Philippines’ Body Care Whipped Body Butter Pure Tranquility

Origani Philippines Body Butter ReviewI have specific requirements when looking for a moisturizer for my skin: it has to hydrate my skin sufficiently, but it should be light on the skin – not heavy, sticky or greasy. Organic ingredients are a plus, especially for those like me with sensitive skin. This is how I came to try Origani Philippines’.

Origani is an Australian brand of luxury beauty products. Their products include an everyday skin care line, anti-aging treatments, hydrating concoctions, a mineral make-up collection, products for acne-prone skin and even men’s specialized facial care. What sets this luxury brand apart from other luxury brands is it boasts that all of their products use only certified organic ingredients and essential oils.

Before diving into the review, here’s a disclaimer for the readers: just because a product is organic doesn’t mean it’s automatically suited to your sensitive skin. Organic products are made of plant ingredients cultivated without use of chemicals or synthetic compounds such as pesticides. While natural may sound like the best way to go, you need to be aware of any allergies you may have before trying any organic product on your skin. Before applying a new product liberally, test a patch of your skin inside of your elbow for 24 hours and see if you develop any reactions.

Origani Philippines’s Body Care line promises to deliver healthy, hydrated skin through various pampering body treatments. The line includes salt scrubs, body whipped hydrating creams, lotions, moisturizing creams and rich body butters. One of the products from this line is said to deliver 24-hour hydration is the Body Care Whipped Body Butter Pure Tranquility.

First Impressions

While some luxury products come in ornate, sometimes whimsical packaging, Origani keeps their packaging classy and simple. The Body Care Whipped Body Butter Pure Tranquility comes in a simple jar. While their top secret formula isn’t listed, the jar does contain the name of the product. The top lid has beautiful floral print with Origani’s logo prominently featured.

The packaging, while simple, looks and feels premium – just what you would expect from a luxury skin care product manufacturer. Its true value, however, can be measured in whether or not the product delivers its promise of 24-hour hydration of the skin.

Origani’s Body Care Whipped Body Butter Pure TranquilityThe Product

Origani’s product page for the Body Care Whipped Body Butter Pure Tranquility describes the product sparingly: “This luxuriously scented cream is light on skin yet rich in 24 hour hydration. Skin is instantly given a nourishing sheen.” This helped me try this product out without any expectations.

What greets you when you open the jar is a white, light but creamy body butter. Since the ingredients are not listed, I’m not sure what essential oils are used in this formula; however, it does not leave a greasy feeling on your skin. It also doesn’t make your skin too shiny or oily – you just get a nice, healthy glow. It is a body butter, so it feels thicker than your usual lotion and it leaves your skin feeling hydrated immediately after application. The scent that they added to the formula isn’t overpowering either, which only adds to its appeal.

There are two tests that the Body Care Whipped Body Butter Pure Tranquility must pass: first, it must be light enough to layer other skin care products on; and second, it has to keep my skin hydrated for the next 24 hours. Even though it is a body butter, it is easily absorbed into the skin and dries well, leaving the skin feeling soft and smooth. I easily lathered my sunscreen on top of it during the day. There was no discomfort – no sticky feeling, no shine, and my skin felt like it could breathe.

My skin remained deeply moisturized throughout the day despite my usual activities. I’m pretty active and I walk around a lot, which translates to sweat. This whipped body butter didn’t make my skin feel sticky at all even after breaking out a good sweat. I did have to reapply after washing my hands or working out, but those situations normally call for reapplication. I had no allergic reactions to it as well – no rashes developed and no breakouts on my torso appeared. I would still point back to my earlier disclaimer and word of caution: test for allergies before you use a new product. The Body Care Whipped Body Butter Pure Tranquility passed the test at the end of the day, keeping my skin hydrated throughout.

I also tested for compatibility with my serums, since I have an extensive skin care regimen at night. I tried using the body butter then applying my pure Argan oil on top as a serum. My skin had never felt so hydrated. It’s perfect for both dry and cold seasons, when the skin needs deep moisturizing the most.

The Verdict

Coming into this review without expectations, but with very specific standards that I adhere to, I was pleasantly surprised by Origani’s performance. From its elegantly understated packaging to the rich texture and deep moisturizing, Origani Philippines’ Body Care Whipped Body Butter Pure Tranquility delivered that feeling of luxury and delivered on quality skin care. The fact that it is made up of certified organic ingredients was a nice bonus and will appeal to the health- and the environmentally-conscious markets.

What surprised me is the price point in which the whipped body butter is being offered. It is actually affordable for a luxury brand, and the jar carries 300 grams of the product. This is enough to last me a couple of months at the very least. It’s not one of those products you can use from head to toe – the product page advises you to refrain from using it near your eyes or your face. It also doesn’t come with its own sunscreen protection. However, it does blend well with other beauty products, and it delivers on its promise to moisturize without being too heavy on your skin. It’s also compatible with my sensitive skin. Those characteristics are the mark of a good body butter.